The Ritual at 4:44 is the first episode of the anime. It aired on October 1, 2018.

The golden glow and the jet black darkness blend together at the twilight of "4:44". Tomorrow, Ryuu, Yu, Mia, Nana, Chloe perform a ceremony to open to another world. They are "Ore Radio Study Group." The annual ceremony was promised until failure. Only one thing, unlike usual, was picking up strange stones. After that, the girls who arrived at a certain frequency challenge the ceremony again. The next moment, what I saw in the eyes of Tomorrow 's eyes ... ... It is a golden world. In addition, it was a girl who rescued the stranded creatures and saved them tomorrow, like a railroad, no, it is a girl who has the appearance of the pedestrian itself ...!


Asuka Tsuchimiya and her four friends are all part of their high school’s radio club. Every few days, they perform what they call the “4:44 ritual,” where they pray in front of a large tree at their local shrine whilst tuning to a random radio frequency (on Asuka’s portable radio) in the hopes that they can “open the door to another world.” Most of Asuka’s friends view this ritual as some kind of weird game, but only Asuka and Chloe take the ritual seriously.

One day, Chloe finds a strange rock with a particular radio frequency, and so Asuka and co. perform the regular ritual using this frequency. Unwittingly, the girls actually do manage to transport themselves to another dimension… albeit it is not a very welcoming one. The girls soon find themselves attacked by a fearsome monster, which is defeated by a girl who looks unusually like Asuka.

The mysterious girl angrily transports the five back to their world, and then promptly faints before she can return back to the other world. Due to this, Asuka takes the mysterious girl back to her place, where she and the mysterious girl hang out together for one night. The next morning, the mysterious girl disappears, but not before leaving behind a locket which contains a photo of Asuka’s brother. It is then that Asuka realizes that she and the mysterious girl are the same person.